Les Fermes du Soleil Inc.

It is located in the heart of the Quebec gardens on over 2500 acres of black soil. Its with nearly 300 employees that pride has been growing since 1933.

Les Fermes du Soleil Inc. is a family business. The fourth generation is currently studying to ensure the flourishment of the company. With the preoccupation of the future replacement, the environment is at the heart of the daily management of Fermes du Soleil.

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Carlos Mesquita

Marc-André Chenail

Marc-Alexandre Chenail


Les Fermes du Soleil Inc.
800 Rang 2 , Ste-Clotilde, Québec, Canada
Tel.:: 450-826-3401
Fax: 450-826-4535

« We thrive to give back to the earth to what it has given to us for over 75 years. »


Les Fermes du Soleil is a verticaly integrated enterprise.


Innovators, they dispose of the most recent technologies and machinery.


New quality control standards have recently been put in place. We concern ourselves in testing and analysing our products in different stages of their evolution so we can get the highest quality product.

Variety of our products

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Les Fermes du Soleil Inc.
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