Always fresh

A variety of more than 25 vegetables of exceptional quality are grown in the respect of the environment thanks to the passionate work of the Chenail family and the large team behind them.

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Always fresh

25 vegetables and fine herbs cultivated here in the renowned gardens of Québec

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Fermes du soleil

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Quality, nature & health!

Vegetable of quality
We monitor the quality of our products from the seed to the final product.
Respect of nature
We have systems in place to insure the highest respect of environmental standards and are constantly searching for the latest technologies to improve our environmental record.
Healthy food
According to the Canadian Food Guide, we should eat half our plate of fruits and vegetables. Here are a few suggestions on how to cook them.
La relève des Fermes du Soleil plus jeune
About the company

A family story

Located in the heart of the Gardens of Québec, the farm specialised in vegetable and fine herbs growing cultivates on more than 2000 acres of muck soil.

The Fermes du Soleil, it is the 4th generation of farming lovers that share their passion of growing vegetables and fine herbs with more than 300 employees. Innovation, respect of the environment as well as the valorization of Québec’s fruits and vegetables are at the very core of the company’s management.

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