Fermes du Soleil

Quality & Ecology

We are constantly paying particular attention to the developing sustainable farming methods by quickly integrating new concepts and the best practices available on the farm to maintain soil productivity, to restore biodiversity’s place on the farm and to insure the quality of our products.

In the beginning of March, the greenhouses are slowly filled with growing vegetables. Under the experienced watch of the seedling team, they are grown to be in a perfect state to be transplanted in the fields to reach our customers ever faster.

As soon as Mother Nature allows it, other vegetables, such as radishes and green onions, are sown directly in the fields.

Manual weeding

In order to obtain the highest quality possible for our vegetables, they need space without being bothered by pesky neighbours. That is why we go through the fields on a regular basis to take out the weeds next to our vegetables so they can enjoy the sun fully and grow well.


Laval University’s project of conservation and restoration of muck soils

In collaboration with other vegetable farmers, the local MRC, Laval University as well as both the governments of Quebec and Canada, Les Fermes du Soleil are actively participating to the project on conserving and restoring our muck soils to ensure the longevity of the industry.


To ensure freshness, the harvest of our vegetables is only made upon demand from our customers on the day of shipment. We are proud of our team’s ability to adapt without delay to meet the production’s demand.